We regret to inform you that due to the high costs and taxes that are charged by the couriers, returns of goods from non-European countries will no longer be accepted if shipped with the following couriers:


Please send the returns of the goods only through the postal service, with registered shipping.

If you have any doubts or questions, before shipping, follow the procedure, contacting us through our email address.

We are always at your complete disposal.


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This document (General Conditions of Sale) sets forth the conditions applicable to distance selling operations conducted through the website (hereinafter the “website”) between the company Tailor Spec. S.R.L. “the Seller” and the purchaser of the Products, defined as the “Consumer” (Consumer being understood as a natural person and not a company, business or entrepreneurial activity). Therefore, the website you are visiting is destined for “Consumers” only, and orders from subjects other than “Consumers” will not be accepted.


The Products sold through the website are produced and distributed by:

Tailor Spec. S.R.L.
Registered Office in
Viale della Rimembranza 7/3
30030 Salzano (Venice) Italy
Tax ID code and VAT no. 04140940273
REA VE-369051
Venice Business Registry no. 04140940273
Share Capital € 20,000.00 fully paid up

Operating Office

Via J. Bernardi 7
31051 Follina (Treviso)

Tel. +39 0438 971955


2.1 Users May interact with the website in Italian and English.

2.2 Consumers intending to purchase Products on the website must carefully read all the conditions of sale and policies governing returns and acceptance of orders published on the website, which may be downloaded here.
By sending an order, the Consumer declares that s/he has read, understood and fully accepts the conditions of sale and the policies governing returns and acceptance of orders.

2.3 The website currently accepts purchase orders only from customers in the European Union (excluding Cyprus and Croatia), Japan, USA, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and Canada.
Orders from countries not included in the list above will not be accepted.
The website will only accept orders from consumers who have an address for the receipt of goods in the countries listed above. Deliveries will not be made to P.O. boxes.

2.4 In order to make purchases on the website, consumers must be over 18 and able to understand and accept the conditions of sale set forth herein. By sending an order, the Consumer explicitly declares that s/he is aged over 18 and has understood and accepted the conditions of sale.


3.1 The Products present on the website contain all the information on fabric, composition, colour and size the Consumer may require to decide and conclude the purchase.
Before making a purchase, the Consumer must carefully read all the information provided on the Product. If there is any information the Consumer has not understood, s/he may send an e-mail to to ask for further clarification.
Once the Consumer has sent an order, also following an exchange of information with the Seller, s/he is considered to have understood the information on the Product.

3.2 The Products presented on the website are illustrated in photographs to the best of the Seller’s ability, in order to show their characteristics as accurately as possible.
The colours illustrated on the website may not correspond exactly to those of the actual Product, owing to differences ascribable to the various types of monitors or screen used and/or the browsers installed on the Consumer’s computer or mobile device.

3.3 Each Product comes with a size table based on the measurements of the finished items, on a sample taken at the quality control stage. Although the Seller takes great care when measuring the items, there may be slight differences based on specific textile tolerances, the type of fabric, the treatments carried out, the consistency of the fabric and the dyes used.
If the Consumer is in any doubt regarding the size and fit of the Products and requires any further information, s/he may write to

3.4 The Seller reserves the right to amend the information on the Products and their availability at any time, and without notice.


4.1 For each Product, availability is indicated on the website. It is not possible to request – and therefore purchase – Products that are not available on the website.

4.2 In the event a Product proves unavailable despite the purchase process having been completed successfully, it will not be possible to send the Product. The Seller will promptly notify the Consumer that the Product is unavailable, and will refund him/her.


5.1 Each order made on the website is considered as a contractual offer, and is subject to the approval of the Seller, who reserves the right to cancel the order at their discretion.

5.2 When a Consumer places an order on the website, this implies awareness and complete, unreserved acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale in force at the time of said order.

5.3 The Seller reserves the right to amend the General Conditions of Sale at any time, and without notice. The conditions thus amended shall apply from the date of publication on the website, and shall therefore be valid for orders received after said publication.

5.4 The procedure for purchasing the items featured on the website in compliance with the General Conditions of Sale involves placing the item or items chosen in the shopping cart on the website. In order to make the purchase, the Consumer may choose to complete the procedure as a guest or as a registered Consumer.

5.5 If s/he chooses to complete the procedure as a guest, the Consumer must, at the time of purchase, provide the data as requested during the purchase process. The Consumer may also choose to register with the website and create a personal account. In this case s/he may access the website using the password created upon registration.

5.6 In order to place an order, the Consumer must choose the Product or Products of interest, check the colour chosen and the size, based on the size table published, and then enter the items in the shopping card, following the procedure indicated.
All the data requested must be entered on the dedicated form.

5.7 The procedure clearly and specifically indicates the data necessary for the purchase of the Product/s, including the costs to be paid. The Consumer may cancel the procedure at any time and terminate the operation without completing the purchase.
The purchase is deemed to have been completed when the Consumer has understood and approved all the steps in the procedure and the order proposal has been sent to the Seller.


6.1 The selling price of the Products is the price in force at the time the order is placed on the website.

6.2 The prices of the Products are shown in Euros, and are inclusive of VAT. They do not include any delivery charges, which will be shown on the order confirmation page, before the order is definitively sent by the Consumer to the Seller.

6.3 The prices of the Products so not include costs of any kind for duties, taxes and any additional costs that may be charged to the Consumer, before receipt of the order, if applied by the customs authorities of the Consumer’s country.

6.4 The Consumer must pay the Seller the total amount indicated on the order confirmation page. The total amount of the order must be paid in full, in a single payment, using the payment methods made available to the Consumer by the Seller. The Product remains the property of the Seller until payment has been received.

6.5 The Seller reserves the right to make changes to the prices of the Products and the delivery and/or processing charges at any time, without notice. The delivery and processing charges in force are those that appear on the website at the time the Consumer places the order.

6.6 The Seller constantly verifies the prices shown on the website in order to check they are correct. However, in the event of unforeseeable technical problems, the price shown for one or more items may substantially differ from, or be clearly lower than the price normally applied, even if considered net of any discounts and/or promotional offers.

6.7 If the Consumer notices a substantial difference in the price of one or more Products available for purchase – as per point 6.6 – s/he is kindly requested not to complete the order procedure for said Products and to promptly report the anomaly by writing to
If, despite having noted such an anomaly, the Consumer completes the purchase, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the customer.
In such cases, the Seller will be on no account obliged to deliver the goods ordered.


7.1 Orders are delivered to the Consumer’s home by Express Courier, and are generally shipped within 72 hours of receipt of the order.
In the event of delays due to unforeseen and unforeseeable circumstances, or for reasons of force majeure, the Consumer will be promptly informed and updated on the new shipping times expected.




7.2 The Consumer will receive an e-mail when the order is entrusted to the Courier, containing a code that will allow the Consumer to track the progress of the delivery.

7.3 The indicative, non-binding delivery times for the shipping mode used, with the exception of unforeseen circumstances due to reasons of force majeure, as reported in the agreements with the Courier the Seller works with, are 2/4 working days throughout mainland Italy, with an average of two further working days for deliveries to the islands.
Delivery times for EU countries may be longer, depending on the destination address.
Delivery times for non-EU countries depend on any customs procedures in operation there, payment of duties and/or import procedures in force in the destination countries, so they may be longer, and cannot be foreseen once customs procedures are applied to the shipment.
Once the order is entrusted to the Courier, the Seller no longer has the power to make changes to or reduce delivery times, demand delivery or manage procedures of any kind, including customs procedures or procedures for the import of the shipment. The Consumer therefore acknowledges that any such operations are in no way dependent on the Seller.

7.4 Working days are understood as being all days from Monday to Friday. They do not include Saturdays, Sundays or any public holidays that fall on weekdays.

7.5 The Seller undertakes to do everything in their power to guarantee the delivery times indicated on the website, and, in any case, to ship Products within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days from the day after the date on which the Consumer sent the order. If, despite the Seller’s efforts, this proves impossible, the Consumer will be refunded.


8.1 The Consumer may choose from the following payment methods:

• Credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express circuits)
• PayPal

8.2 For credit card payments, the Consumer will be transferred to a protected website, and his/her credit card data will be transmitted directly to the gateway of the credit card and/or bank that processes the payment. Said data will be transmitted using encrypted transmission protocols. The amount will be charged when the order is dispatched.

8.3 For payments using PayPal, the Consumer will be transferred to the PayPal payment page, where s/he can complete the payment procedure using the credentials of his/her PayPal account. The Consumer’s credentials will be transmitted directly to the dedicated PayPal page, using encrypted transmission protocols. The amount will be charged when the order is dispatched.

8.4 Should it not be possible for the Seller to dispatch the order because the Products chosen are unavailable, the order will be cancelled and the amount of the order, if already paid, will be refunded to the Consumer.
Should it not be possible to charge the amounts owed by the Consumer, the purchase process will be terminated and the order cancelled.
The Products shall remain the property of the Seller until payment has been received in full.

8.5 The Consumer agrees to receive the receipt for the purchase made exclusively in electronic format.


9.1 The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract, without indicating the reason, within 14 days. The withdrawal period expires after 14 days from the date on which the Consumer physically takes possession of the goods, i.e. when the courier’s website gives notification of the delivery.

To exercise his/her right to withdraw, the Consumer must consult the RETURNS section of the website, which is an integral part of the General Conditions of Sale.

For further clarification regarding the conditions for the return of the Product purchased, please write to:


10.1 After the Products have been returned, the Seller will carry out the necessary compliance checks, following the procedures as indicated at point 1 of the RETURNS section.

10.2 Whatever the payment method used by the Customer, the refund will be made by the Seller using the same means, as promptly as possible and in any case within fourteen (14) days from the date on which the Seller is informed of the Consumer’s decision to exercise the right of withdrawal, prior to verification that said right of withdrawal has been exercised correctly and that the Products returned have been accepted.

10.3 In the event the right to withdraw is exercised, and the recipient of the Products stated on the order form is not the person who made the payment of the sums due for their purchase, said sums may only be refunded by the Seller to the person who made the payment.

10.4 The value date of the refund will be the same as the date on which the amount was charged.

10.5 The costs for the return of the Product to the Seller must be paid by the Consumer, who must pay for transport of the goods to the Seller.

10.6 The Consumer s/he must ensure that the Product is packaged adequately, and that transport is entrusted to a reliable carrier. The goods for return must be accompanied by a tracking code so that transport and delivery can be verified. No refunds will be made for Products, even if defective and returned within the terms established by the law, if said Products are sent in breach of the procedures above.
The Consumer is always liable in the event of loss or failure to deliver, theft, etc. in the event of deliveries returned using methods that have not been registered and cannot be tracked.

10.7 If an exchange of goods is requested, the Consumer must acknowledge and accept that the Seller will require specific periods of time to process the exchange, because it will be necessary to verify availability, package the goods, prepare the shipment, arrange collection by the courier, etc.

The Seller shall keep the Consumer constantly updated on the various stages of this process.


11.1 For information on how the Seller processes his/her personal data, the Consumer may access the Data Protection Policy section.

11.2 For any other information you may require on our Data Protection Policy, please write to: or send a registered letter to the Seller’s registered office.


12.1. The Seller may not be held liable for failure to process the order within the time expected, or for failure to execute the Sales Agreement, if such failures are ascribable to chance or to force majeure or for any reason that cannot be attributed to the Seller.

12.2. The Seller may not be held liable for any inconveniences or damage that may derive from misuse of the website or failure to observe the basic security measures the Consumer must adopt when creating an account, or from an inappropriate use of the Seller’s products.


13.1. These General Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and by the provisions set forth in Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, “Consumer Code”, in accordance with article 7 of Law no. 229 of 29 July 2003.


14.1. All the contents, images, brand names, concepts, texts, technical descriptions of Products, logos and graphics are the exclusive property of the Seller, who reserves all rights to them. Any reproduction of the website, in full or in part, is forbidden without the written authorisation of the Seller.
Any improper use, alteration, changes to brand names, logos, photographs of products, descriptions, texts and anything else present on the website will be subject to prosecution.

14.2 The images present on the website may be downloaded for personal use only, and do not entitle the Consumer to any rights or claims regarding the material downloaded.


15.1 Any requested may be addressed to, or the Consumer may write directly to the Seller’s operating office, indicated at point 1