" Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers and more. "

— Cristiano Berto, Executive Designer

Thank you for visiting our store.

1ST PAT-RN was founded in 2012, as a personal research project alongside the creative consultancy that Silvia and I still love to do today.

The name comes from the wording that we found in a military shirt from the Second World War: “first pattern”, which can mean “first prototype” or also “first in a series”.
It identified a product that took shape over the course of a certain number of steps and tests, a little like our journey, which is made up of many trials, experiences, and a lot of learning.

We wanted to convey what was, for us, a style of education that dates back to the mid-80s, but with a modern twist.

Inspired by the images of old magazines, such as PER LUI, which gave quintessentially Anglo-American styles a more Italian feel, and by our passion for sifting through vintage markets, where we would collect pieces of every type of product, from military garments to civilian garb and workwear, without distinguishing by era, source and use, we decided to create our own idea of a collection by presenting one single piece at the beginning: a blue blazer in a special knit fabric.

The first few results were thrilling. In fact, we were a hit with the Japanese and International markets, which embraced and put their trust in us.

Since then, every season – within the collection – we present those models, concepts, and ideas that we would like to introduce you to, which have inspired and impassioned us because they feature interesting details, or seams that are difficult to stitch, or practical and comfortable shapes or simply because we like wearing them.

In fact, we work without worrying too much about fashion trends, gender or themes. We simply strive to design garments that can be considered “timeless”, which do not fit into any predefined trends or styles, but take and modernise the details, seams, and functionality of the pieces that they are often derived from, without the conceit of creating “replicas” or wanting to replace the models which inspired them. Indeed, in every single one of our garments, there are elements of fusion, transposition, and the melding of different things: a pocket, a color, a detail used out of context and repositioned.

We often respect the original fabrics, other times we change them completely.
This way of working was also part of the training that our “teachers” imparted to us in the 80s and 90s, at a time when you conducted research in the archives while taking a creative course that involved a steady stream of pencils, paper, cutting patterns, scissors and lots of research into fabrics. We believe that it is important for you to be aware that behind every piece you buy – whether here or from our select retailers – lies a philosophy.

Essentially, we like to think that the people who buy a 1ST PAT-RN piece become part of a family of enthusiastic researchers with curious and independent spirits.

Cristiano Berto e Silvia Piccin