The Vittorio Veneto jacket represents our philosopher’s stone, the guideline that has helped to found our ten-year reputation on knitted jackets.

The name Vittorio Veneto derives from the homonymous town on the Treviso hills, but also from the glorious ship of the Royal Italian Navy, launched on 25 July 1937

It all started with the AW2103 collection, presented at Pitti Uomo in 2012, the idea was to redefine in a modern way the classic blazer of the American tradition, worn by the members of the Ivy League.
An iconic garment that cannot be replicated can only be reinvented: our philosophy has always been to not make “replicas” or to make true copies of existing garments, we are designers and we will always remain so, this means having the courage to take new paths.

In collaboration with a local craftsman who invented a knitted fabric, produced with obsolete knitting machines, now unobtainable, which he collects and restores, we have redefined the concept of knit fabrics, starting from pure virgin wool, and then processed to become a soft hand “melton” with an incredible hand and an unbelievable lightness for the ultimate comfort experience and thermoregulatory performance.

From the jersey lining, a unique interior construction, to the detachable button manufactured in Italy by the same supplier of the Italian Navy.

We love wearing it with the EASYKIT trousers, which redefine the concept of comfort and luxury, or with the range of trousers you find on the UTILITY SPECIFICATIONS website, which arise from the infinite inspiration of the military and workwear world and connects seamlessly with 1ST PAT -RN to deconstruct the “Trad” concept, and take advantage of the enormous versatility of the jacket to invent a new vision of the Blazer.

But the combinations are endless, from classic to casual, the Vittorio Veneto jacket is a timeless product, not conditioned by “fashion” and which will serve you throughout your life.

With a traditional line, close to the body, but comfortable like no other blazer, Vittorio Veneto represents the key to accessing the noblest and most luxurious part of 1ST PAT-RN

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Size Half Chest Half Waist Center Back Length Arm Shoulder
S 51 45,5 70 62 43
M 53,5 48 72 63,5 44,5
L 56 50,5 74 65 46
XL 58,5 53 76 66,5 47,5
XXL 61 55,5 78 68 49