It is important to read these warnings carefully before shipping your returns from non-EU countries.

A) The shipping costs for returning the product (and any customs or duty fees that the Seller could be charged once the parcel arrives in the Italian country if any) are always paid by the Consumer. The Seller will produce a receipt for the duty and/or customs clearance costs incurred, and withdraw them at the moment of refund;

B) To send the return from EXTRA EU countries we recommend the postal service that allows us to reduce at the minimum the cost of clearance;

C) strictly follow the instructions below:

1. email us firstly
2. wait for the documents we will ship to you
3. be sure to include all the documents as per the instructions given
4. email us the tracking number of your shipment

If the customer intends to return the products with the services of private couriers such as, by way of example: UPS, FedEx, TNT, DHL, and so on, he must ship making sure that the costs of customs duties are borne by the customer: no returns will be collected if customs duties or administrative fees applied by the aforementioned couriers will be charged to us.

Please always contact us if in doubt.

C) Since any customs fee and/or charges for customs clearance of the goods will be charged to the customer and may vary from courier to postal service, it is up to the Consumer to inquire with the carrier about these costs and choose the option most convenient for him, in compliance with the rules indicated below (tracking number, etc.);

D) carefully read the other GENERAL PROCEDURES listed below;

If you have any doubts or questions, before shipping, follow the procedure, by contacting us at returns@1stpat-rn.it we are always at your complete disposal.


Customers are informed that no returns will be accepted for goods that are returned crumpled, with the buttons unfastened, and not folded.

Returned products must be delivered folded with care and placed in the box as carefully as when received.

We reserve the right to withhold the € 20 flat rate from the return for the reconditioning of garments that do not comply with these rules.

Thank you for your cooperation.

• the return address is:

Via J. Bernardi 7
31051 Follina (TV)

(please use the sticker provided in your original shipment)

1. The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract, without indicating the reason, within 14 days.
The withdrawal period expires after 14 days from the date the Consumer physically takes possession of the goods, i.e. when the courier’s website gives notification of the delivery.

1.1 In order to exercise the right to withdraw, the Consumer must explicitly inform the Seller of his/her decision to withdraw from this contract, by means, for example, of registered mail with return receipt or e-mail.

1.2 For the return of the goods The Consumer will first contact the Seller at the email address: returns@1stpat-rn.it and, if authorized to return, must complete the “return request”, contained in the box original of the Product received and insert it in the box with which the Product will be returned, filled in all its parts and signed.

1.3 The Consumer must send the returned goods through a mail or courier service that must be registered and traceable at any time.

1.4 The shipping costs for returning the product purchased (and any customs fees, if any) are always charged to the Consumer.
The Seller will pay the costs only in the specific case of defects attributable to the Seller (see the section on defects and flaws).

1.5 The Right to Withdraw and consequently to return the Product/s purchased must comply with the terms and methods described at points A), B), C), D), and 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 above, and will be deemed to have been properly exercised provided that the following conditions are complied with in full:
• the Seller must have been contacted through the “returns” section, within fourteen (14) working days from the receipt of the Products, and the “return request” must have been completed in full;
• the Products must not have been used, worn, washed, or damaged, they should be returned folded and into the original PVC bag provided at the moment of purchase or a similar one that could be of the same size, and able to contain the product without damage or being crumpled: please be noticed that we did not accept any return if wrinkled or sent without the necessary basic care, this is mandatory for the refund.
• the ID and the seal tags must still be attached to the Products because they are an integral part of the goods;
• the Products must be returned in their original packaging or in adequate protective packaging that ensures the product inside cannot be damaged. The packaging chosen by the Consumer must be adequately protected from dampness and dirt during transport; should the product be damaged on arrival as a result of inadequate packaging, no refund will be given, and the package will be returned to the Consumer at his/her expense.
• the Consumer, s/he must ensure that the Product is packaged adequately and that transport is entrusted to a reliable carrier.
The goods for return must be accompanied by a tracking code so that transport and delivery can be verified: the tracking code should be sent immediately when the parcel has been shipped.
The Consumer is always liable in the event of loss or failure to deliver, theft, etc. in the event of deliveries returned using methods that have not been registered and cannot be tracked.
Furthermore, the Consumer remains fully responsible for the goods entrusted to couriers or the postal service until they have been delivered to us.
It is the consumer’s right to choose an insured shipment, because if the product is lost or damaged it will have to be reimbursed by the courier or postal service.
If damaged goods are received or the shipment is lost, we will promptly communicate to the Consumer all the necessary data to allow him to request a refund from the courier or the postal service.

1.6 If the Right to Withdraw is exercised in compliance with the methods and the terms indicated in this paragraph, the Seller will refund any sums already collected for the purchase of the Products as promptly as possible and in any case as specified in the General Conditions of Sale and based on the necessary technical procedures, in agreement with the payment system managers and the manager of the Consumer’s credit card.

1.7 If the methods and terms for exercising the right to withdraw have not been complied with, the Seller will notify the Consumer, who, due to failure to comply with the procedures indicated in this paragraph, will not be entitled to a refund of the sums paid to the Seller.

However, the Consumer will be entitled to re-obtain, at his/her expense, the Products in the condition they were returned to the Seller.

If the Consumer refuses to collect the product that we have returned to the sender, said Product shall remain the property of the Seller, together with all the sums paid by the Consumer.


At the moment we do not accept changes.

If you wish to have the same garment(s) but in a different color or size, you will need to place a new order.
In the case of the exchange of a product, the procedure will be as follows:

I. if the Consumer intends to change a product, he must, first of all, communicate it by email to the address: returns@1stpat-rn.it

II. the product must be shipped following the procedures described above;

III. in the meantime, the customer can purchase a new replacement product;

IV. if the replacement product is unavailable, a refund will be made.


1.1 During the sales periods, in the event that the customer intends to return the product, a fixed amount of € 6 will be retained for administrative costs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: in the case of special sales of samples, prototypes, and end-of-series, the Seller, in the case of returns, will always retain shipping costs.

1.2 In the case of products in the SPEC-OPS section that occasionally offer “second choice product” that is intended that could have some defect that will be explained and shown to the customers in the description, a return is not possible, we kindly ask to contact us if you have some question about the “second choice” products.

1.3 In the specific case of purchases of “SPECIAL” garments, that is products “made to order” and on specific sales campaigns, in which the customer specifically accepts the advance payment of the entire purchase amount and the deferred shipment of the order, it is understood that the seller will not be accepted returns or changes in the size of the goods, so in case of “made to order”, cancellations must take place within three days from the order confirmation sent by the seller to the consumer, after the cancellation all the payment made by the consumer will be refunded


1. The Consumer is invited to carefully check the product once received. If the Consumer believes that the Product is defective or flawed, s/he must immediately inform the Seller by sending an e-mail, if possible together with a photograph of the defect found.

This e-mail must be sent to returns@1stpat-rn.it, specifying the Product the claim regards and the flaws or non-conformities detected. The Product in question must be returned to the Seller, scrupulously following the procedures indicated by the Seller via e-mail, together with a print-out of the Return Form that was sent to the Consumer in the original packaging.

2. The Seller will examine the Product that s the object of the claim and will send an e-mail to the Consumer indicating whether s/he is entitled to a refund of the price, the repair of the product, or the replacement of the Product. Any refunds granted will cover the purchase price paid by the Consumer. The Product will be refunded or replaced within 30 (thirty) days from the e-mail sent by the Seller informing the Consumer that s/he is entitled to a refund or replacement of the Product.

3. The Seller is not responsible for Product defects caused by deliveries made by third parties during the return: each shipment must guarantee adequate protection against dampness and dirt.

4. The Seller is not responsible for damage deriving from improper use of the Product, changes made to the same, normal wear and tear, or negligent use of the Product.

5. The content of points 1, 2, 3, and 4 above is without prejudice to the rights of the Consumer, provided for by the applicable laws.